Andy is the most motivational, inspiring fitness instructor that I have ever worked with and I have worked with loads. He is genuinely commited to helping you achieve your body aspirations and he will accompany you on that journey every step of the way. He will encourage you, push you but truly support you and never ever make you feel foolish... If you could bottle Andy’s passion and enthusiasm you would make millions. He is a legend… Dont miss the opportunity to work with Andy to get into shape, I guarantee you wont regret it for a second.
— Louise Pringle
Hi Andy, I tried to do most of your classes and each time I felt energised and so much better for having participated. Most of the time ( at almost 60 years old) I was about the oldest in the gym classes but you never made me feel inadequate, unfit or stupid – you were always totally encouraging and so motivating.
— Liz Moss
Given Andy’s boxing background and extraordinary fitness levels, I would imagine it would be difficult for many people to come close to the type of classes and training Andy offers.
— Judy Lee
Andy is absolutely fantastic. He makes each session exciting and energetic. My boyfriend and I both work out with Andy together and are seeing serious changes in our bodies. I would recommend Andy to anyone because he is highly knowledgable on different work outs that suit individual interests.
— Sterling M.
Is it a bird, is it a plane? No – it’s superman Andy Grant! Wow – does he have springs beneath his feet? I don’t think I’ve seen so much energy packaged into one person!
— LaSource Guest
…the [LaSource] fitness team is led by the former Olympic boxer Andy Grant – an inspirational instructor. His pilates and aquacise classes are 100% muscle-seeking missiles that guarantee maximum impact for students. Andy’s were some of the most rewarding – if demanding – workouts I’ve tried.
— UK Sunday Times Newspaper, May 20.05. 2012
I have lost so much weight and I feel stronger! Now, two BodySensei classes per week is all I need.
— Fit for Life Gym Member
Andy was a very good at motivating me. When I felt I couldn’t do it he told me its all in the mind very good advise which i will treasure for the rest of my life. I’m now in the best shape of my life thanks to andy!
— Cameron Blaney