I have discovered that I don’t have to be hungry to lose weight, nor do I have to go to a ridiculously expensive gym. The stretches and workouts Andy taught me can be just as easily completed at home, or in your office as Andy says... Andy reminded me that exercise can be fun, you just have to find what works for you.
— Jayne, www.40before30.com

To Schedule a Session, contact Andy at (917) 951-6240 or bodysensei.andy@gmail.com

One-on-One Personal Training Sessions

I will work with you to personalize the right exercise and nutrition program for YOU!

  • Boxing and Kickboxing Techniques
  • High-Energy Cardio Fitness
  • Pilates & Tai Chi Movements
  • Body Resistance Strength Training

Package Discounts--All include special diet plan and at-home workout packet